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Removal of nuisance Bats, Beavers, Birds, Fox, Groundhogs, Opossums, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, and more....

to include dead animal removal.

We  also provide exclusion options and repair work for your damaged property

Caution is ​advised when coming in contact with many of these animals 

as they are rabies vector species!

removing a snake




removing a bat

Bat Removal & Guano Clean up 


It is illegal to kill bats in PA!       

We have 9 species of bats in PA. Bats can consume 3,000 bugs a night in just one hour of feeding!

Bats can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

A bat bite is small and may go undetected if the person is sleeping.

It is best not to handle one on your own, leave that for the professionals.

Guano or bat droppings can carry the fungus Histoplasmosis, a fungus that infects your lungs if inhaled.


Skunk Removal

Look out! A Skunk can spray over 12 feet!!  

 If you notice small circular holes dug in   your yard, it is very possible it is from a   skunk that has been feeding on grubs.

 Skunks will enter your porch to feed on pet   food, so it is best not to leave your pet's food   out over night. 

 They will den under a deck or a shed &   have also been known to fall in basement   window wells.

raccoons in chimney

Raccoon Removal​


Raccoons only need a 4-inch gap to enter a space! 

Raccoons are very adaptable and don't mind some human traffic. This makes your attic or crawl space a great den location. Caution is advised if a den site is located in or near your home or business as raccoons are a carrier of not only rabies, but roundworms and leptospirosis which is found in their urine and feces and can be transmitted to humans.

groundhogs caught in cage traps

Groundhog Removal


Groundhogs can have as many as 12 entrances for one burrow, that's a lot of holes!

A woodchuck's burrow can be 6 feet deep & up to 60 feet long. 

These burrows can undermine your foundation if dug under a building.

Woodchucks are also known to climb  fruit trees and can damage them by chewing on the bark or branches.

A groundhog averages 10 lbs. and can eat 1 lb. of vegetation a day, that's a lot veggies from your garden or flowers from your flower bed.

deck exclusion wire around porch

Repair, Prevention & Clean up Services


Unrepaired damage = Reoccurring damage! 

We offer repair work and exclusion work in and around your home or business where animals have entered or inhabited. It's important to properly seal off areas animals have entered to deter future problems.

We also offer clean up of the areas they damaged or left their nests 

or excrement. Handling an animal's excrement should be left to trained professionals as many illnesses can be contracted from it!


All snakes in PA are protected by the state's regulations!  

Although there are only three known   kinds of  venomous snakes in PA, we   understand that snakes evoke fear for   many people. We would be happy to   capture and relocate or translocate a snake for you.



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